Board of Trustees Resolutions
DownloadUpdate to Key Management PersonnelSeptember 22, 2022
DownloadUpdated Exclusion ResolutionJune 16, 2022
DownloadRatification of Designation of Interim Senior Management Official and Delegation to Key Management PersonnelMarch 3, 2022
DownloadUpdated Exclusion ResolutionDecember 8, 2021
DownloadChair Emeritus Resolution – Claudia PuigJune 16, 2021
DownloadTrustee Emeritus Resolution – Gerald C. Grant, Jr.June 16, 2021
DownloadApproval of Asset Acquisition and Related Matters Pertaining to Torrey Pines InitiativeDecember 5, 2019
DownloadPresident's Powers & DutiesFebruary 20, 2019
DownloadDesignation of Mr. Jorge L. Arrizurieta as Trustee EmeritusSeptember 5, 2018
DownloadUpdated Exclusion Resolution and Designation of Key Management Personnel and Delegation of AuthoritySeptember 5, 2018
DownloadFacility Security Clearance; Update to Exclusion of Certain Directors and OfficersFebruary 27, 2018
DownloadFacility Security Clearance; Exclusion of Certain Directors and OfficersSeptember 5, 2017
DownloadModification of the terms of the Miami-Dade Industrial Development authority revenue bonds (FIU Football Stadium Project), Series 2009A; authorizing the redemption of the authority's revenue bonds (FIU Football Stadium Project), Series 2009B; delegation of signature authority to chairman of the corporation and/or the University TreasurerDecember 1, 2016
DownloadResolution in Honor of Butler WaughMarch 6, 2013
DownloadCommending Miami-Dade County Public SchoolsNovember 29, 2012
DownloadDesignation of Mr. S. Lawrence Kahn, III as Trustee EmeritusSeptember 11, 2012
DownloadAthletics Conference RealignmentJune 14, 2012
DownloadFair Relocation ProjectJune 14, 2012
DownloadDesignation of Dr. Albert E. Dotson, Sr. as Chairperson EmeritusNovember 22, 2011
DownloadDesignation of Mrs. Patricia Frost as Trustee EmeritusSeptember 24, 2010
DownloadDesignation of Mr. Adolfo Henriques as Chairperson EmeritusSeptember 24, 2010
DownloadDesignation of Mr. R. Kirk Landon as Trustee EmeritusSeptember 24, 2010
DownloadA Resolution Requesting the Issuance of Debt/Bonds through the Florida Facilities Pool Revenue Bond Program to Finance the Construction of the Miami-Dade Academic Health Department Facility on the Campus of Florida International University, Providing an Effective Date.June 4, 2010
DownloadPresident EmeritusFebruary 20, 2010
DownloadThe recognition of the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs Pedro "Joe" Greer Jr., MDNovember 20, 2009
DownloadRestructuring/Refinancing of FIU Foundation, Inc. Loan Associated with Construction of the MARC BuildingNovember 20, 2009
DownloadNaming of the FIU stadium fieldhouse as the "R.Kirk Landon Fieldhouse"June 12, 2009
DownloadNaming of the College Of Medicine as the "Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine at Florida International University" and designation of Dr. Herbert A. Wertheim as trustee emeritusJune 12, 2009
DownloadPresident Modesto A. Maidique President EmeritusJune 12, 2009
DownloadNaming of the FIU University Park campus as the "Modesto A. Maidique Campus"June 12, 2009
DownloadProposed extension to the employment agreement for president Modesto A. MaidiqueJune 9, 2009
DownloadPresidential AuthorityNovember 12, 2008
DownloadThe Florida International University College of Medicine Health Care Network faculty group practiceNovember 16, 2007
DownloadPolicy on Centers and InstitutesSeptember 11, 2007
DownloadResolution in Honor of Southern Wine and Spirits of AmericaSeptember 19, 2005