Presidential Position Criteria &
Leadership Statement

Florida International University (FIU) has had only two Presidents in the past 36 years. This stability and continuity of leadership – as well as strategic, forward-thinking Boards of Trustees – have propelled the University to R1 status in the Carnegie classification and a standing as the fourth largest university by enrollment in the country. The Board and Search Committee are seeking a new leader who will continue this remarkable trajectory and make an already great university even greater.

The President reports directly to the FIU Board of Trustees and is the Chief Executive Officer of the University. The new President will need to work in transparent collaboration with the FIU Board of Trustees and the Florida Board of Governors to set strategic priorities and implement initiatives consistent with the priorities established for Florida’s State University System. Fundraising, professional and leadership visibility in state and national education circles and venues, and active involvement in the day-to-day life of the University are all important expectations.

The next President will be transformative and have integrity, exemplary interpersonal and communication skills, and demonstrate a commitment to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The University’s next leader will be student-centered, have an appreciation for a world-class faculty and staff, and will understand the challenges and opportunities associated with university leadership now and in coming years.

The Florida Board of Governors and FIU Board of Trustees have carefully constructed a presidential search process that has allowed all constituents the opportunity to express their views on the personal and professional characteristics and experiences that the next President should embody. In addition to multiple open forums held on campus, the Board of Trustees solicited nominations and views of alumni and key supporters of the University. While there is no expectation that candidates will possess all the attributes noted below, it is expected that the best candidates will have at least a majority of these abilities and qualifications, in addition to those described above. We welcome candidates who can demonstrate their achievements, and articulate their values, in these crucial areas:

  • Passionately student-centered…dedicated to enhancing the quality of student life and learning;
  • Integrity…trustworthy…fair…high energy…transparent;
  • Demonstrated record of success and accomplishment;
  • An exemplary, adaptive, and visionary leader with a discerning strategic approach to the challenges and opportunities facing higher education generally and FIU specifically;
  • An appreciation for the multicultural nature and explosive growth of the greater Miami and South Florida area… and the ability and intention to engage with the community;
  • Understanding the role of alumni engagement;
  • Commitment to and appreciation of research, scholarly activity, and academic excellence; understanding of the importance of research recruitment and expenditure growth;
  • Knowledge and understanding of arts and sciences, medicine, health sciences, the humanities, law, business, the arts, and the many diverse colleges and schools within the University;
  • The ability to conduct the affairs of the University in an astute and sensitive manner;
  • Appreciation of a world-class faculty and staff… respect for the principles of shared governance and academic freedom;
  • Acting as the University’s chief fundraiser… recognizes the need for developing additional revenue streams;
  • Financial acumen, comprehending the financial underpinnings of the University’s operations, setting priorities and allocating resources with wisdom and prudence, and establishing and meeting budgets;
  • The ability to recruit and retain excellent administrators, faculty, and staff and to develop, mentor, and retain a strong leadership team;
  • Exemplary communication and interpersonal skills…approachable…receptive to and values the ideas of others…a good listener… collaborative… collegial;
  • Approachable… visible… actively engaged in the life of the University;
  • Quickly gains an understanding of state dynamics and develops relationships with the state’s leadership;
  • Appreciates the value of a strong and rule-abiding Division I intercollegiate athletics program that contributes to student life and school spirit;
  • Understanding our role as a University of Distinction in Environmental Resilience; and
  • A commitment to an open, diverse, and inclusive learning and working environment that nurtures the growth and development of all.

Application Process

Applications and nominations will be accepted until a new president is selected, but interested parties are encouraged to submit their materials to our search consultant, William Funk & Associates, by June 15, 2022, to assure optimal consideration.

This search is being conducted pursuant to Florida law, including Section 1004.098, Florida Statutes (2022). Section 1004.098 keeps personally identifiable applicant information confidential until, for finalists, the final stages of the search.

Application materials should include a letter of interest and a current CV/resume.